The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition is a broad partnership of statewide organizations driving reform of Ohio’s municipal income tax code. Collectively, Coalition members represent thousands of Ohio business and individual taxpayers who are the lifeblood of Ohio’s economy. 

Ohio’s municipal tax system presented compliance problems for individual and business taxpayers. Working with interested parties and stakeholders, the Coalition worked to establish legislative change that would establish a more uniform municipal tax code that all municipalities assessing a tax on businesses or individuals would follow, including a uniform definition of income, withholding, penalties and interest, and all related rules and regulations other than tax rate and reciprocity rate.

The coalition did NOT calling for a centralized collection system, nor did it look to reduce the amount of tax that individuals and businesses must pay.  In fact, the Coalition believes that a simplified code that is easier to understand and follow will likely lead to increased compliance with the law.

After several years of testimony, interested party meetings and compromises from both proponents and opponents of the bill, House Bill 5 was signed into law by Gov. Kasich December 19, 2014 with most provisions taking effect January 1, 2016.



Coalition Partners:

The Ohio Society of CPAs
Greg Saul, Esq. 
Director of Tax Policy
(614) 764-2727 (office)

Chris Ferruso 
Legislative Director
(614) 221-4107

Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Daniel Navin 
Assistant Vice President
(614) 228-4201 (office)
(614) 906-7458 (cell)

Associated General Contractors of Ohio
Andrea Ashley 
Vice President of Government Relations
(614) 486-6446

Columbus Chamber of Commerce 
Michael Hartley 
Vice President, Government Relations
(614) 225-6097 (office)
(614) 395-4545 (cell)

Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Chris Kershner 
Vice President of Public Policy
(937) 226-8289 (office)
(937) 776-3161 (cell)

Greater Ohio Policy Center
Alison Goebel
Associate Director
(614) 224-0187

Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association
Jennifer Kennedy
Executive Director

Ohio Association of REALTORS
Paul Glass
Director of Political Affairs
(614) 225-6221 (office)
(614) 975-8951 (cell)

ABC of Ohio
Bryan C. Williams
Director of Government Affairs
(614) 359-4846

Ohio Newspaper Association
Dennis Hetzel
Executive Director
(614) 486-6677

Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Lora L. Miller
Director of Governmental Affairs & Public Relations
(614) 221-7833

National Electrical Contractors Association
North Central Ohio Chapter
Jennifer Neuhaus
Executive Director
(330) 498-1011

Ohio Home Builders Association
Vince Squillace
Executive Vice President
(614) 228-1235

Ohio Insurance Institute
Dan Kelso
(614) 228-1593

Ohio Manufacturers Association 
Ryan Augsburger 
Managing Director, Public Policy Services
(614) 629-6817 (office)
(614) 348-1227 (cell

Ohio Restaurant Association 
Jarrod Clabaugh 
Director of Communications
(614) 246-0323 (office)
(419) 566-4005 (cell)

Ohio State Bar Association 
William K. Weisenberg 
Asst. Executive Director of Public Affairs, 
Government Relations and Diversity Initiatives
(614) 487-4414

Ohio State Medical Association 
Tim Maglione 
Senior Director, Government Relations Group
(614) 527-6762

Ohio Trucking Association 
Sheryl D. Warner, Esq. 
Legal Counsel
(614) 221-5375 (office)
(614) 296-0203 (cell)

Ohio Contractors Association
Angela E. Van Fossen
Director, Legislative and Environmental Affairs
(614) 488-0724 

Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce
Brian Dicken
Vice President, Public Affairs
(419) 243-8191

National Electrical Contractors Association
Central Ohio Chapter
Ginny Damant
(614) 224-4408

National Electrical Contractors Association
Greater Cleveland Chapter
Tom Shreves
Executive Director
(216) 524-8444

Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
Jonathon L. McGee
Executive Director
(614) 461-4014

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber
Ryan Davis
(614) 359-4846

The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association
Jennifer Gray
Associate Executive Director / Communications & Marketing
(614) 899-1195

Ohio Automobile Dealers Association
DeAnna L. Zahniser
Legal and Government Relations
(614) 923-2231 

Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Penny Seipel
Vice President of Public Affairs
(740) 587-0444

Brynn Popa
Vice President, External Relations and Market Development
(216) 592-2222

Ohio Grocers Association
Nate Filler
(614) 442-5511 ext. 7100

Ohio Pharmacists Association
Ernest Boyd
Executive Director
(614) 389-3236

Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio, Inc.
Jeff S. Smith
Director, Government Affairs and General Counsel
(614) 552-3056