The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition is a broad partnership of statewide organizations driving reform of Ohio’s municipal income tax code. Collectively, Coalition members represent thousands of Ohio business and individual taxpayers who are the lifeblood of Ohio’s economy. 

Ohio’s municipal tax system presented compliance problems for individual and business taxpayers. Working with interested parties and stakeholders, the Coalition advocated for legislative change that effectively established a more uniform municipal tax code for all municipalities in Ohio. House Bill 5, signed into law in 2016, mandated that Ohio’s 600 municipalities adhere to uniform definitions of income, withholding, penalties and interest, filing deadlines and all related rules and regulations. Cities maintained the right to set individual tax and reciprocity rates for income taxes residents pay for working in other municipalities.

In 2017, additional reforms were passed into law with Ohio’s biennial budget, bringing even greater relief for taxpayers in Ohio. That included the option for businesses to file municipal returns and pay taxes centrally through the Ohio Business Gateway. This was a key win for businesses who file in anywhere from two to dozens of municipalities each year.

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The coalition did NOT fight to reduce the amount of tax that individuals and businesses must pay. In fact, the Coalition believes that a simplified code that is easier to understand and follow will likely lead to increased compliance with the law.

The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition is seeking to protect the provisions signed into law by Gov. Kasich in House Bill 5 and House Bill 49, which are currently under attack.

A group of Ohio cities and villages filed two separate lawsuits in late 2017 that seek to kill recent municipal tax law reforms. The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition is confident the laws are constitutional as enacted and that the state of Ohio will prevail in moving ahead with centralized filing, which will dramatically improve tax filing administration for thousands of Ohio businesses.


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