Municipal Tax Coalition Applauds House for Leadership in passage of House Bill 5

Nov. 14, 2013

Municipal Tax Coalition Applauds House for Leadership in passage of House Bill 5

(COLUMBUS)—The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition applauds members of the Ohio House for their leadership in passing substitute House Bill 5, the most significant reforms in the history of Ohio’s municipal tax system.

The Coalition thanks bill sponsors Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City), Michael Henne (R-Clayton), Speaker Bill Batchelder (R-Medina) and House Ways and Means Chairman Peter Beck (R-Mason) for their commitment to keeping HB 5 front and center on the House agenda as they worked to finalize a bill that will make Ohio more economically competitive.

House Bill 5 is the result of years of stakeholder meetings, countless hours of negotiation with interested parties and 12 committee hearings in the House. This thorough vetting gave legislators an opportunity to hear from supporters and critics of the bill alike, and led to a bill that includes suggested improvements from all parties.

The result is a balanced and common sense solution that for the first time establishes uniform definitions, rules and regulations for Ohio’s nearly 600 municipalities. When enacted it will be easier for taxpayers to understand where, how and when to file local taxes. House Bill 5 also saves employers time and money through simplified compliance which can be reinvested directly into Ohio's economy through business expansion and job creation. 

House Bill 5 is an example of how to craft good tax policy—creating a system that is simpler, fairer and more predictable. The coalition commends Ohio’s legislators for taking on this tough issue on behalf of all Ohio taxpayers and looks forward to working with the Senate and Governor Kasich to pass House Bill 5 into law. 
The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition is a broad partnership of 30 organizations representing more than 350,000 employers and professionals in Ohio working to simplify Ohio’s burdensome municipal tax system. For more information and a full list of Coalition partners visit  Follow the Coalition on Twitter:  @OHMuniTaxReform