1 company, 38 tax forms filed

WDTN-TV2 (April 15, 2014)

By Jordan Burgess

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – They may look like a mass mailing, but instead, they are just one company’s effort to pay Uncle Sam and his cousins too.

EnviroControl filed 38 tax forms last year because each city the company does work in has its own tax rules.

The heating and cooling company’s owner, Lisa Crosley, says the effort is costly for the company and workers, who will get 30 plus W-2′s.

“It’s extremely expensive for a small business and it’s expensive both in terms of money and in time,” Crosley says.

The Ohio House passed a bill in November to make the state’s tax system more uniform but it’s still being looked at in the Senate.

So we’re asking what’s the hold up?

Dayton City Manager Tim Riordan says it’s because the current bill takes money away from cities, about $2 million a year in Dayton’s case.

We asked Riordan about those who believe the change is worthwhile because it will help businesses.

“What we say is you’ve got to have good city services,” Riordan says. “That’s good for business as well.”

Dayton and other cities made their own proposal to unify the tax system that they say wouldn’t take money away from cities.

Those with the Ohio Chamber of Commerce say that proposal would still keep some things different in each city.

“That’s not uniform and businesses would have another record keeping nightmare,” says Dan Navin with the Chamber.

We called the Ohio Senate to see when they might take action on the bill.

They say nothing is scheduled right now but they hope to pass something by the end of the year.